How to use Information Security for your business benefit?

[eBook] Security Solutions must act where the threat manifests itself: on the network, in applications, or on mobile devices.

  • Technologies X Vulnerabilities

    This eBook, developed by Nap IT experts Rodrigo Cassiano and Wellington Souza, points to the technologies employed by businesses as enabling companies to achieve high levels of agility and efficiency in their processes, but aims to discuss how some interconnections can make the network vulnerable to attacks.


    In order to define the security desired level, you need to understand the business model and vulnerability points, which may be linked to how employees access the network.

  • Security Solutions

    Enterprise security solutions should provide visibility that can identify and control Internet access, regardless of where the request comes from, whether it is the web applications, emails, systems, chat or protocol ports used.


    These technologies offer features that enable you to enable internet access in accordance with company security policies. As such, they support business needs and restrict risk without slowing down systems.

  • Featured Themes


    Check out the number of threats inspected daily, the impacts and the new attack vectors.


    Also, learn about strategies and trends that are coming to the Information Security market.


    Prepare your business for efficient security systems that maintain network performance.

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