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What does your Wireless Network need to be most efficient?

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    Why is Site Survey essential for a company planning to renew or integrate a high-performance Wi-Fi network from scratch?

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    Understand the circumstances under which your company needs to invest in network environment analysis and the benefits.

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    Agility and assertiveness are differentials that make Site Survey the ideal support solution for network infrastructure improvements.

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    Check out a successful case where Site Survey pointed out excess equipment on the network as the cause of Wi-Fi issues.


About the Author: 



Klaus Engelmann has been a Network Engineer at Nap IT since 2015, and works on projects such as Consulting and Network Tuning. The Executive brings over 10-year-experience in the IT market.


In his career, he served as Network Coordinator at UFCSPA, and at Souza Cruz as Telecom Coordinator. He stands out as an ITIL, CCNA, CCDA, CCNP and CCDP expert.





Enjoy and watch a video with a brief introduction about Site Survey below: